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Our Hygienists

Our excellent team of Registered Dental Hygienists are devoted to the prevention of oral disease and the promotion and improvement of your oral health as well as overall health. The correct functioning and optimum health of the mouth is vital for overall health and wellbeing. Our hygienists also take an interest in furthering education to keep up to date with any advancements and changes in technology in order to provide you with the best and updated professional services possible.

At the office of Dr. Robert Saunders, Prosthodontist our four Registered Dental Hygienists provide many outstanding services for the treatment of children and adults.  Each of them truly values the relationships they have with their patients.  Our friendly team devotes both quality time and service to meet your individual needs.

Our adult hygiene program consists of a thorough evaluation for the diagnosis and treatment of gingivitis and early to mid-stages of periodontal disease.  To complete a comprehensive oral exam, x-rays are taken and measurements of the bone level supporting your teeth determine the type of cleaning needed to maintain optimal oral health.  In-office adult fluoride treatments are available and offered to patients for the prevention of cavities and the relief of sensitive teeth.  Several whitening options are also available to achieve a bright, beautiful smile.